Tinky Puki Alphabet and Lines Tracing Book | Printed


Tinky Puki Alphabet and Lines Tracing Book! Designed to make letter-learning a fun activity, this book provides extra tracing lines for additional handwriting activities, reinforcing the understanding of how each letter works. Including all hand-drawn pictures and characters ready to be coloured!

Please note that this is a PRINTED BOOK. Delivery usually takes 2-5 working days.


Discover the fantastic world of Letter tracing with our Tinky Puki Alphabet and Lines Tracing Book! This engaging resource features extra tracing lines to enhance handwriting activities, reinforcing letter recognition and proper writing techniques. It’s an enjoyable way to learn the alphabet, refine fine motor skills, and master the art of writing each letter with confidence.

With both uppercase and lowercase letters included, this book is designed to help your child improve their handwriting. The additional tracing lines provided for each letter make the learning experience even more enjoyable and effective.


  • Learn uppercase and lowercase letters Aa – Zz in a fun way
  • Directional arrows and dashed lines help with pencil movements
  • Each letter is shown with a corresponding image to colour
  • 26 different and unique images
  • Extra tracing lines to complement each letter for better and funnier learning
  • Two extra activity sheets

Please note:

This is a digital file, not a printed book. Simply download, print, and embark on a captivating journey of letter formation and creativity!

Download our free version of Alphabet and Lines Tracing Book and explore a fun way to develop fine motor skills.
Simply click the link below to access this educational resource and make learning enjoyable for your little ones. Download.


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