Why Tinky Puki?

Great question! Let me share with you the heartwarming story of how he became a cherished part of our lives.

Thanks to my adorable and inquisitive son, Augustas, who always loves hearing a story before bedtime. My husband and I often recount tales from our own lives or our childhood. One day, just like any other, Augustas asked, “Mummy, tell me something interesting.”

It was quite a challenge, as it always is, to come up with an engaging story. As we lay on the floor, enjoying each other’s company, I noticed some dust balls under our cabinet. It was quite embarrassing since I hadn’t cleaned there in ages. So I asked him, “Do you know where these dust balls come from?” And that’s when the story began. 

I conjured up a tiny, furry creature who lives in the corner of his room. This creature is only visible when everyone is fast asleep. You know what? He’s the one responsible for making a mess under our cupboard, shelves, beds, and sofa (I didn’t want to admit my negligence). I created this story to shift the blame away from myself. Little did I know, from that day onward, my son asked me to share more about this mischievous creature called Tinky Puki. He wanted to know all about his adventures, funny moments, and even what happened while he was at nursery.
Now, my son is 5 years old and still adores this tiny, furry creature. And that’s how this beautiful story has evolved into what it is today.

But why the name, Tinky Puki?
You probably might find a different associations to this name, But for me it means a Litte Fluffy and Cute Furball. For me the word Puki (Pūkis – in lithuanian language) means fluffy, furry, commonly used to call cute, furry and soft animals or toys. The word Tinky just popped next to Puki. It did go really well together for me and my son. You probably might find a different assotiations to this name. But for me it means Litte, fluffy and cute furball. 

dust ball

From embarrassment

Dust ball accidentally discovered under the cabinet

is that all mine

To the idea

I may have conveniently blamed someone else for the fur left behind

Valentine 2023

Straight to realisation

Such a cute character was born out of embarrassment

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Don't mix
it up

Let’s address the fuzzy situation:
Tinky Puki is far from being a mere dust ball. In fact, he’s a fluffy furball who loves to grow his luscious hair.

Curious as a child

Active and creative

Full of dreams

Tinky Puki, our adorable friend, happens to have a cozy, little home with limited space. Due to this spatial constraint, he has no choice but to leave behind a trail of his fluffy fur in your room when, occasionally, he trims his locks, and you might find those tiny fluffs scattered around your room.   Whether you love it or not, it’s a small sacrifice he makes to spread his warmth and charm into your space. So, consider these stray tufts as a whimsical reminder of Tinky Puki’s presence and embrace the unique touch of cosiness he brings, even if it’s a result of his limited living quarters.

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