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About Us

Discover the magic of our adorable fluffiness, inspiring you to find joy in the smallest moments and embrace a positively radiant mindset.

Why Choose Tinky Puki Books

Made in the UK

Supporting small businesses.

Thick paper pages

Perfect for little fingers.

Unique and cute design

Crafted with engaging illustrations and a never-before-seen design

Just perfect for a busy mum. I like the variety of different lines. A quick easy purchase. 👍 I also got a PDF version for repeat prints at home.

Give Your Child the Gift of Learning Fun!

Bring home a new way to learn and grow. Start Your Little Ones on the Path to Learning Today!

Where to buy

Not Sure If It's Right For You?

Download our free version of Alphabet and Lines Tracing Book and explore a fun way to develop fine motor skills. 

Simply click the download button below to access this educational resource and make learning enjoyable for your little ones.

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