Let me introduce you with English alphabet tracing book. Being honest, it happened spontaneously during some not too busy period for me (a national lockdown during 2020 coronavirus outbreak), kids were not able to go to school, meet their friends, my little boy too. The idea came to my mind that Tinky Puki could be a brilliant helper for kids learning the alphabet. He is such a cute creature. If I love it, my family likes it, so why others can’t enjoy the company of Tinky Puki.

I just love every single page. Each letter on the Alphabet is unique and learning them takes some time for a little hand to manage them. So each page has unique tracing lines that helps to learn letters better and improve writing skills. Unique, I mean for that letter, you will find some tracing lines repeating in other pages too, but mostly, I put as unique as I could come up with.

When the idea came, I can’t remember myself how I started working on it. It just happened, but I remember very well when the time came to finish it. Working on so many little details made me bored, also thanks to my perfectionism, I had to do it right. That’s not an excuse just to leave it and forget. It’s a lame excuse, isn’t it? I had to finish this book. The idea of the final product was too great. So there you go “Tinky Puki alphabet and lines tracing book” is finished and ready to be shared with others. I can’t believe myself. It’s finished.

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